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Dream Bridal Packages

Your Beautiful Spa

" It's easy to be
tempted even if it's
not your wedding. Anniversaries and
relation's weddings
make ideal excuses
for this pampering
bridal ritual at

The Peak Singapore

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Spa Opening Hours
10am - 10pm

[include Public Holidays]

Spa Location
328 North Bridge Road
Raffles Hotel Arcade
Singapore 188719

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"At ESTHEVA, the
bride's specials can be personally tailored to
suit what the bride needs.
You are guaranteed
to look fresh and
invigorated with a smooth
skin to show off in your
backless dress.

The good news is that ESTHEVA does a
Bridal Spa Party. It can accommodate as many
as five to six ladies.
What a great way to
bond with friends that
you can discuss men
and sex with."

Female Brides

More on
[Bridal Spa Party]

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The Bride's Bath
| Beautiful Bride Therapy | Happiness BrideSpa | Dream Bride Ritual | Personalised BrideGlow Program

Spa Brides in Singapore

spa packages for bride Our bridal and pre-wedding spa programs in Singapore are impeccably created to help you be pristinely beautiful, restored and revitalised, ready for the big day. Let us take care of your beauty and make-over needs as you relax and indulge in your wedding bliss, and emerge as the
Dream Bride. [ Check out our list of Top 9 Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments for Brides ].

There are many wonderful bridal beauty and award-winning spa packages you can choose from to suit your lifestyle, budget or preference. Best of all, we can customise or personalise your bridal spa packages to meet your specific needs.

Here are just some of our highly recommended and popular value-packed bridal spa packages in Singapore, which also make wonderful wedding spa gifts which both the bride and groom will remember.

Bride's Bath in Singapore

A blissful bridal ritual to detoxify, reinvigorate, moisturise and tonify the body, leaving the skin gloriously silky with a lingering fragrance.

[ 1 HR 50 MINUTES ] per session - price | buy as gift

consists of

- Luxurious Full BodySmooth
- Regenerating BodyWrap
- Silk Oil Bath
- Aromatic Back Massage

Bride's Bath in Singapore

A series of beautifying and nurturing bridal spa treats to ensure you are energised and look your stunning best, your skin revived and transformed with a new radiance and super-smoothness.

[ 3 HRS 30 MINUTES ] per session - price | buy as gift

consists of
- Ultimate Citrus SaltGlow
- Beautifying Massage
- C-Matrix
© Vitamin C

Bride's Bath in Singapore

These blissful and beautifying spa treats will banish all stress and help you achieve total beauty wellness to be at your immaculate best, illuminating from top to toe.

[ 4 HRS 40 MINUTES ] per session - price | buy as gift

consists of

- Ultimate Citrus SaltGlow
- Whitening BodyWrap
- Happiness Massage
C-Matrix© Vitamin C
- BrideSpa Pedicure & Manicure
- Beautiful Back Waxing

Dream Spa Ritual in Singapore

For The Modern Bride-To-Be. Starting 6 months ahead, this exquisite 36-treatment wedding spa ritual, which includes luxurious spa treatments for the mother, bridesmaid and groom, is a thorough beauty and make-over program of meticulous expertise and holistic spa experience. It's really the best value for money and exclusive spa bridal package you can ever find in town for the best results.

Online Spa Gifts in Singapore

Dream Bride Ritual
includes ...


Bridal Ritual Bliss - [6 mths before]
- Exclusive Eye Face Neck
- Ultimate Citrus Salt Glow
with Body Mask
- Thermal GreenWrap with Calming Therapy
- Massage with Body Mask

Unforgettable Moments - [5 mths before]
- Exclusive Eye Face Neck
- Luxurious Seaweed BodyScrub
with BodyRub
- OxyAromatic Body Wrap with BodyMask
- Massage with Cellulite Oil

Sensual Slumber - [4 mths before]
- Exclusive Eye Face Neck
- Seaweed MudWrap
with Calming Therapy
- Ultimate Citrus Salt Glow
with Body Mask
- Massage with Cellulite Oil

Delightful Serenade
- [3 mths before]
- Exclusive Eye Face Neck
- Purifying HydroTherapy

- Seaweed Full Body Polish
- Aromatic BodyWrap with Body Mask
- Detoxifying BackRub

Holistic Heaven - [2 mths before]
Swiss VeryWhitening Treatment
- Collagen BodyPolish
with BodyRub
- Aromatic BodyWrap with Calming Therapy

- Classic Citrus BodyMassage

Enchanted Serenity - [1 mth before]
- Swiss Regenerating Facial
- Regenerating BodyWrap

- Ultimate Citrus Salt Scrub
- Aromatic BodyMassage

Timeless Beauty - [week of Wedding]
SkinGlow Facial
- Collagen BodyPolish with BodyRub

- OxyAromatic Seaweed Wrap
- Silk Oil Bath

- Aromatic BodyMassage


Divine Love for the Groom
- Exclusive Eye Face Neck
- Head and Shoulder

Precious Maid-of-Honor
- Exclusive Eye Face Neck
- Classic Citrus

Relaxed Mother of the Bride or Groom
Goodbye Lines Facial
- Aviva Massage

The entire bridal package is priced at $3,335/- [buy as gift]

BrideGlow Program in Singapore

Our spa beauty program for the bride is thoughtfully created to help you be radiant, revitalised and refocused, ready for that special wedding day. However, you may like to add other spa programs, as most brides-to-be do.

We will be most happy to personalise our bridal spa treatments to help you prepare for your special wedding day. Whether it's just for facials, massages, top-to-toe pampering or just a bridal manicure and pedicure. It's our belief that every client's need is different and our pleasure to take out the stress in your preparation to be the most beautiful bride.

Our exclusive and comprehensible range of top luxury wedding facials and body treatments are excellent for brides for the best unmatched results in the shortest possible time in Singapore.

[Call our friendly and professional bridal spa consultant for some expert spa tips and secrets for brides at 6338-3318 with no obligations. It is your first step to a stress-free, pampering and beautiful wedding. At the same time, you can explore The Lawn at Raffles Hotel to hold your romantic wedding reception.]