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luxurious massage singapore

Best Spa Massage
in Singapore...
Where to Go

"The Aviva Massage,
Massage of Life
is sheer heavenly
90 minutes...
an absolute
great spa gift
for your
loved ones.

- Cleo Singapore

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Signature Massage | Equilibrium Spa Massage | Specialised Spa Massage | Other Spa Massage Services [ massage price menu ]

Massage Singapore

ESTHEVA offers some of the best therapeutic body massages and most blissful spa therapies in Singapore for ladies and couples, from top to toe, at the famous Raffles Hotel in its Shopping Arcade, facing The Lawn. The Spa was awarded Singapore's Most Innovative and Experimental Massage in Harper's Bazaar Spa Awards 2013. A good professional spa massage in Singapore, highly popular and sought-after by both locals and expatriates (and as spa gifts and couple massages), is great for promotion of long-term wellness. It is also an excellent way to detoxify and firm up your body.

For frequent fliers, our full body massage is a hot favourite to ease jet-lag, after a long flight.[ESTHEVA was honoured to be the offical spa sponsor for Singapore Airlines PPS Club Priority Golf Tournament in 2008, 2011, 2012 and 2014.]

Whatever your preference, take the time to discover our full range of magical massages, from the traditional or deep-tissue massages to the most luxurious and detoxifying massages in Singapore. Or enjoy them with any of our endearing facials or as a romantic couple spa treatment.

Signature Spa Singapore Massage Therapy
place for Singapore massage For the ultimate spa massage therapy and benefits, rejuvenate with our famous signature Aviva Massage™ - The Massage of Life or Chakra Stone Massage, which incorporates the principle and benefits of Hot Stone Massage. As with some of the best traditional spa massages in Singapore, both are 90 minutes of pure heavenly bliss. As our best-selling massages for both men and ladies, and couples, they are also great as spa gifts for your loved ones.

heavenly chakra stone massage | Singapore

Or enjoy our new Chocolatier Massage on its own or as part of our exotic signature Choc De-Ager© Spa Package, with pure warm chocolate for a rhythmic, multi-sensory and endorphins-inducing massage. This is highly recommended and is popular as a perfect Spa Gift for Birthdays, Valentine's and Mother's Day. And of course it's also a great couple spa massage for romantic couples. And there is just no better place for couples to enjoy this together than our VIP Couple Spa Suites.
Even Yana Gupta, a top Indian model and Bollywood actress, on her chocolate massage experience in ESTHEVA Spa, was obviously more than wowed when she professed "Pure indulgence! I pampered myself with a sensuous chocolate massage."

luxurious chocolate massage | Singapore

[ 90 MINUTES ] per session

Aviva Massage™ - The Massage of Life
Chakra Stone Massage

Chocolatier Massage©
- details and massage prices

Equilibrium Spa Massage Singapore
where to go for the best body and spa massages in singapore This is our lavish array of 9 luxuriating body massages using premium nutrient oils with healing properties and various innovative massage techniques of different intensities to allow you to create your own personalised wellness regime. Each is a gift of blissful indulgence and pure therapy that will sensually soothe away stress, rejuvenate your body and induce a state of calm and restfulness, transporting you to a new enlightened space or equilibrium. There is always a perfect massage for you for the moment. It won The Most Innovative /Experimental Massage awarded by Harper's Bazaar in Spa Awards 2013. [ more on Equilibrium Massages ]

[ 75 MINUTES ] per session

Beautifying Massage
© Massage
Energising & Fortifying Massage
Happiness Massage
Harmony Massage
Mental Clarity Massage

Peace & Relaxation Massage
Romantic Bliss Massage
Senses Awakening Massage
- details and massage prices

Full Body Massage Singapore
where to go for the best body and spa massages in singapore These delightful massages are targeted solutions specially designed for your specific wellness needs and comfort. These include our popular pre and post-natal massages for pregnant ladies and new mothers.

Back Massage
[Deep Tissue] Massage
Shiatsu Massage
Pre-Natal Massage
Post-Natal Massage

- details and massage prices

Other Massages in Singapore
spa and massage in singapore These spa massages are great relievers of stress on specific parts of the body and are usually included as extras with other spa treatments or when you do not want a full body massage.

Indulging Head Massage | Singapore

Aromatic Head & Shoulder Massage
Foot Reflexology with Aromatic Foot Soak
- details and massage prices